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    Maybe a different point of view...but it's just business to me, I don't take it personal when I see it.

    I have a few friends who have local gun shops and are doing this...mainly out of survival, there is zero inventory left to sell, shelves are bare, nor an assurances of when re-supply will hit. It's a free market - as long as dummies are out there paying $0.80/rd for 9mm someone will be out there selling. Let them continue.

    We may be a special group, but many people out there have zero loyalty to the vendors or some online website.
    And lets be real and flip this 180 degrees; when "times were good", MOST people complaining about this are not going down to their local gun shop, buying ammo for a few more bucks supporting a small local shop, and starting a relationship... hell no...we are all buying bulk baby, with no tax and free shipping, and don't give a F where we get it. Is that "fair" to the LGS? Nope, but that's business.

    If you don't already have a stash of ammo, then you were behind the ball on this one. If you need ammo to maintain your practice and range sessions without dipping into your reserve stash, then I feel the pain least you have an option to get some rather than nothing at all, and I would rather the money go to cheaper than dirt than some super left, BLM enabling corporate company...
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