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"Brand New" Browning 725 Field 12 GA 28" "Reduced"

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Ok everyone........

Not a lot to say about this one. It's absolutely brand new and unfired from the outside of the factory.

Gun is perfect and anything in the images is either Lint or Oil.

It is a 12 GA with 28" Barrels and has a 5 set Invector Choke set.

This is a duplicate in my safe and am going to use the money for another gun fund.

These guns are my favorite in the Browning line up and I have several others.

The finish is fantastic with the Nitride receiver and other touches along with a dual white bead.

These guns are considerably slimmer than a lot of the other Brownings and are a pleasure to carry and shoot.

They are not always easy to find and sell regularly for the retail price when I do see them.

I am adding some info from the Browning site for specs.

Gun will ship from Cheyenne Wyoming FedEx with tracking.

I will accept PayPal Discreet FF and Zelle payments.

First "I'll Take It" wins the gun regardless of conversations.

$2250 Shipped to your FFL

I would prefer to ship direct with a copy of my DL but can arrange my FFL if needed.

Fastest response is Texting at 307-421-6110

Thanks for looking.


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Beauty... like I asked before, what guns are you keeping?
I am actually keeping several of these.

The only reason I am letting this one go is that is a duplicate and am just looking to use it to fund another project.

These 725's are maybe my favorite O/U's on the market today.
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I just hunted Missouri with one of these back in November. My buddy let me use his on the last day of our hunt. I shot lights out.
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Great guns, I have a target version and shoot causally with other guys with a CZ and a Browning Citori. Those both have inertia triggers and will...very...rarely not fire right or in the case of the CZ double fire. The 725s have a mechanical trigger that has worked every time and nicer wood to boot.
This seems like a good price too.
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@Tim Schoenborn - Tim is one of the finest addicts at this forum! Purchase with 110%
complete confidence. Tim also makes a sale really simple! Highly recommend!!!

GLWS Brother! It's a beauty & one hell of a fine shotgun!!!

BCD 45
~Jim D.
Thanks Jim!

Same can be said about you also!
Ok fellas let's try $2150 Shipped!
SOLD fellas thanks!
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