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1). Staccato C-DUO: this is why you read the fine print. When STI announced the C-DUO I was very excited. I immediately contacted Dan at Baltimore’s Best Pawn (board member BPP) placed an order, and sent my money out. I picked this up TODAY (1/25/20). Dan can confirm this. What I did not read is the DUO system on the C is not the same mount as the DUO system on the P. So the RMR 2 that I’ve had sitting in my safe for 3 months for this gun that is like all the RMRs on all my other carry guns DOESN’T F’NG FIT. I am so pissed at myself right now. This gun, as I said, is literally brand new. I paid $1699 for it. The receipt is in the box. I am including 3 Wilson 10 round magazines that I also bought for this gun. I want $1600 for it shipped to your FFL. Don’t beat me up on this price. You’re getting $100 discount and $100 worth of extra magazines because I fudgeed up.

2). Staccato P-DUO: this is the 2019 version with the shorter barrel and the tree bark grip. I actually really like this gun. I put an RMR on it and I’ve probably shot 500? Round through it. Probably less but let’s go with that. The only reason I am selling this gun is the F’ing commonwealth of Virginia has decided I am too dangerous to own magazines over 10 rounds and is about to pass a law making these wonderful 21 round magazines illegal. I know you can get 10 rounders for it. I have some. But i think it’s stupid to put 10 round magazines in a damn 2011. The whole reason to have the double stack gun is to have higher capacity magazines. This gun comes with 3 21 round magazines and 3 17 round magazines. It is currently set up for an RMR. All the hardware that came with it is also included. I just don’t see any reason to unscrew everything if the next owner is going to put an optic on it. I want $2000 for this shipped to your FFL. That’s a $500 discount, and you get more than $100 in additional magazines.

Payment needs to be in the form of postal money orders. Your FFL needs to accept from an individual. I will ship fedex insured.

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