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    Here are a pair of my favorite small knives made by Kim Breed in Tennessee. Breed is retired U. S. Army, obviously, he's spent time around knives. I've yet to try one of his products that didn't feel like it was made by someone who knew a thing or two about using a knife in working environment.

    The thinner profiled blade is his EDC 14, this one from D2 if I recall. The wider blade is his H-TAC in hammered damascus. I tend to favor the EDC a bit, it carries just a tad more comfortably in a variety of positions. But the H-TAC works, I mean it just plain works when it's in your hands.

    I've found small custom maker's work is competitively priced, holds value and gives great service.And there's no doubt about being made in America.


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    Kim Breed makes some excellent knives. Those should serve you well.
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    The Damascus is breathtaking

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