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No trades. USPS money order, Venmo, or Paypal (you pay any fees, if any).

1. David Broadwell "Paladin Fighter" Custom Alliance #33 Fixed blade.
There were only 10 of these blades made for Wilson Combat by David Broadwell. Blade is still in the same condition as received. These sold out within a half an hour. I'm asking what I have in it.


$1,500 shipped USPS Priority, insured, w/ Signature Confirmation

2. Wilson Combat ETM, Full Size, 9mm, 10-round Magazines.

I have 6 of the newer design and 2 of the older design. They're used.

This is the link to the newer design mags. I have 6 of these.


The other two, Wilson doesn't have a link up anymore. Nothing wrong with them.

$210 shipped USPS Priority, insured, w/ Signature Confirmation


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