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    Nov 18, 2014
    Today was a busy day for the wife and I, going back to work Monday and 75deg temps had us out just running around.

    I surprised the wife and took her to Guitar Center to pick out a music stand and a light for it. She also grabbed an electronic tuner to help her get her guitar in tune each time.

    Well since we were so far from home and only 30 minutes from Cabelas in Dundee Michigan we HAD to run a little farther up the road. Well I wondered around for almost two hours looking at everything and decided I must get a new safe. This is going to have to be my next purchase, haha!

    After that two hours I was in the gun barn and my son called me. There was a self defense shooting in his driveway!! There is an apartment building next to him and the new owner was there working on the roof. Well apparently some pos was there beating the crap out of his wife/girlfriend and the building owner stepped in to stop it, the pos pulled a knife and the owner is a ccw holder and pulled his gun and shot him in my sons driveway!
    I’m telling ya this one is way too close to home for me but also exactly why I, my wife, my son, and daughter all carry! I was carrying when my son called me.

    I calmed the wife down as she was really upset about it being that close and we drive home. Once we got to town about 100 mile drive, wife wanted to pick up dog food so off to Wally World! Picked up what was needed and went home.

    Once we got home I thought I would look for tickets to a concert the wife wants to see. The artist added a couple new dates and I was able to pick up two tickets to Boy George! Yes, Boy George for the measly sum of $744!!!!!!! They are center stage front row and it is for her birthday and I want to go on the 115th anniversary Harley ride to Milwaukee the last weekend in August which is her birthday, so I guess if I want her to do that I gots to pay the price.

    We just finished dinner and are going to ride to the DQ for ice cream!
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    Dec 4, 2014

    Dude, you've GOT to cut WAAAAY back on your Ritalin dosage . . . . . .
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    Jan 23, 2017
    Grumpy Cat strikes again!

    Long live Grumpy Cat!
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    May 23, 2016
    Cool 6 stories bro. :p

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