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    I’ve had a “thing” for the whole CAR-15 / XM177 / “Shorty” AR family for a while now. I think it started when, as an impressionable almost-teen, I bought my first issue of “Soldier of Fortune” magazine, an issue that highlighted the exploits of MACV-SOG in Vietnam and surrounding countries. I knew what an AR-15 / M-16 was, but the magazine had images of these sawed-off-looking carbines that really caught my eye...thusly, a serious liking of this style gun was born.

    I’m not an AR aficionado, owning only an M4-style Bushmaster Patrolman’s Carbine. I know there are some outfits like Troy that offer true “retro” XM177-style guns, and that one can assemble one themselves with some adroit shopping. Perhaps that’s what this recent acquisition will ultimately become...

    I spotted an item for sale online as “Retro CAR-15 Upper” and had to investigate. 11.5-inch barrel, permanently-attached CAR-style flash hider, fixed carry handle. The price was right and I went for it. It needs a good cleaning and then it will be off to the range.

    Shown below by itself and then mated to the Bushmaster lower. I suspect I’ll grab another lower at some point...the seller sold me a CAR-style buttstock along with the upper...hmmm...


    04050455-D087-46A2-A536-305BB245CB81.jpeg 5029080E-DABA-4F02-83CB-EDDDD2F5BC1E.jpeg
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    I had a original xm-177 upper from Vietnam. Required one of those offset bolts to attach to a colt car-15 lower. Original 2 position stock.

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