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SOLD. This one is unique. Custom Caspian Hi-Cap from Saltzman Gunworks. I bought this blued from a competition shooter a few years ago and sent it off to H&M Black Nitride several months back. I was very pleased with their work btw. Upon return and reassembly I fired 10 rounds for function check and it runs just beautifully with both 38 Super and 38 Super-Comp (as it did before the refinish).

Price is $1,400>>>$1,350 shipped to your FFL. Comes with everything you see in the pictures plus a cheap hard case. Four tuned Caspian mags with mag carriers plus a Blade-Tech race holster. Extra followers and original springs for each mag will ship as well (not pictured). I have nickel plated Super-Comp brass that can be included in the deal - just consider it yours if you want it but I forget how much I have (guessing 200-400 pieces).

The pictures will show most of the features, but here is a narrative:
.355 dia 38 Super 6” barrel, recessed and tight fit to bushing
Slide lightening cuts and flat-topped
Fish scale treatment at the front strap and MSH
Bo-Mar adjustable rear sight with red fiber optic front sight
Parts are all EGW, Wilson, Ed Brown, STI and Nighthawk
Trigger pull is 2lb-9oz
Mags have all been tuned with the Guitar Fret method and hold 22 rounds S-C

Wood Gun Brown Hardwood Firearm
Brown Gun Wood Firearm Trigger
Wood Brown Hardwood Wood stain Line
Wood Hardwood Metal Steel Iron
Wood Bicycle accessory Hardwood Wood stain Carbon
Wood Hardwood Musical instrument accessory Rectangle Wood stain
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