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Caspian vs. Fusion Firearms vs. Others ETC.

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I am starting my first 1911 build soon, and I had a question which I know is going to have different responses. I am wondering which manufacturer to buy my frame and slide from, and there are pros and cons to both. I want a full size frame, preferably with a checkered front strap that isn't 80% and comes in the white with no finish. I have heard Caspian is higher quality, but Caspian does not offer a full size frame with the checkered front strap. Fusion Firearms has a full size frame with checkered front strap, but I have heard their parts require a lot more handfitting. I am not opposed to doing the work to build my gun, I just want to know amongst all the various manufacturers what would be the best choice for me? Are Les Baer match frames and slides worth the extra money? What about 1911 Builders, or STI? I am open to any recommendations. Thank you.
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Caspian does offer it as an option. Send them an email to confirm but in their drop down selection it shows 20, 25, and 30lpi.
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