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For sale is a frame I picked up a couple years ago from here. Thought maybe I'd use it someday but it probably won't happen. It was flashed as new. Looking at it when I got it it appeared new. It appears that it came somewhat prefit as the frame rails measure .755 and the tangs are premachined. I put a .250 GS in it and it is still proud so additional fitting on the frame will be needed. With the .755 frame the slide "may" go right on. I put a Colt competition slide on it and it went on with a tiny bit of resistance.

From the look of it it appears it's a JEM frame. I mean it screams JEM but I can't confirm. I suppose a phone call could be made. Anyways it has sat since I've had it. There is some light rust forming here and there in corners as it's sat dry. I hit it with some WD and a brush and some of it came off. Didn't take the time to get rid of all of it. If you want it blasted before it ships just holler.

Anyways I wanna make a deal for someone due to my lack of knowledge on it so I'm selling for $150 to your FFL. Payment can be whatever. If PP is used please dont mention crap about gun stuff in the comments. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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