SOLD Chaves Rendicion 229

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  1. x95mk220

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    Jun 17, 2018
    In like new condition, the classic Sheepdog C01 in the Drop~Point blade In S35VN & bead blasted titanium handles. Rides on ceramic bearings & ceramic dialed in detent, steel lock-bar insert, titanium sculpted Skull clip & of course green linen micarta inlays. Comes with zippered & padded zippered case, microfiber cloth AMBI large thumb-studs with super smooth deployment. Built like a tank!

    F45B3763-72F7-4737-90F4-1AAC83B2B73D.jpeg AFF3A8A3-E138-445A-93D7-4124A2C0350D.jpeg AD35B111-3CB1-4BC4-9E24-47A415EA931E.jpeg D2E4971F-C2CD-46CE-9656-D4E8FBD67B5D.jpeg AD2AE11B-31F2-4888-85EC-C77BD25D99FC.jpeg 47900E74-6799-46E1-B470-2E6898734DDC.jpeg

    ***SOLD***$275 firm; Will only accept PayPal f&f only or Venmo. Will be insured, and priority mail through USPS​
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    Jul 22, 2019
    I want to leave feedback and I've tried several times. I get the same message every time. 20200131_225201.jpg
    Sorry Mike

    I purchased this Chaves Ultramar Redencion from x95mk220 aka Mike. It's a great knife and our transaction went smoothly. I'd recommend this seller for future transactions!
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    You can't leave feedback in a thread unless you have posted in it. Try again.
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    Jul 22, 2019
    Thanks, much appreciated. WWB inboxed that information to me earlier... Appreciate the help on a "new guy" mistake.
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