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Cherokee Hills Compact Grips

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Slim/thin profile, really, really nice with lots of running grain, pigment and burls going on, a little darker in person with purple, black and some lighter hues. would look amazing on a Wilson compact.

You can use this with a NH 1 piece magwell (as pictured) or with no magwell, there's a slight softening of the bottom edge for non-magwell use.

$80, shipped and insured, PayPal F7F ONLY.

I probably have a $180 in these with craftsmanship and the wood scales but they have sat for years without being touched

Wood Communication Device Rectangle Gadget Mobile phone

Wood Rectangle Hardwood Fashion accessory Natural material

Brown Wood Rectangle Composite material Fashion accessory

Wood Rectangle Hardwood Metal Fashion accessory
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make me a reasonable offer, nothing silly, and I'll ship these tomorrow
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