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Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by JayHRC51, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. JayHRC51

    JayHRC51 New Member

    Jan 9, 2019
    So, I've got a Springfield LB Operator and I think it needs a trigger job. Or at least I feel like it needs to be improved for me to be happy with it. I'm almost at 1000 rounds (easily twice that in dry fire) and I'm thinking it's not going to get any better than it is right now. The gun has a lot of pre-travel, long wall before the break and a decent amount of over travel and none of it feels smooth. I would like to get all of that corrected.

    I've seen prices range anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on whether or not the ignition parts are being replaced. I'm fine with either end of the spectrum and I'm thinking that I might want the ignition parts replaced with some higher quality parts anyway.

    So here's my question - how on Earth do you guys decide where to send your guns? And what kind of turn around times are people typically waiting for on a trigger job? I see some amazing smiths on these forums and I would love to send my business their way but I can't decide.

    I also don't want to send my gun off and wait 3-6 months for a trigger job. I fully understand that quality takes time and an in-demand smith will have a long waiting list. Do most of the in-demand smiths squeeze in other work with a shorter lead time or is it just work through the list, one project after another, regardless of scope of work?
  2. wrmiller

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    Oct 29, 2016
    When I worked in a shop, we did NOT make a customer who just wants a trigger job to wait behind a bunch of full-house customs. :)

    As for who to use, you can research public forums/opinions, but those need to be taken for what they are. An opinion.

    Ideally, I would want to talk to someone who has had work done by a 'smith you are interested in, and handle the pistol myself as what I like may be something different from what someone else likes. But this could be difficult to arrange.

    Your best bet (IMO) is to contact one or two 'smiths who you are interested in using and talk to them. In person would be best, but a phone call or two should suffice. If you can find someone locally, then returns/touch-ups would be much easier. Not to mention less expensive.

    Have you talked to Steve O here on the forums? He shouldn't be too backlogged yet. :)
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  3. 1LuvGuns

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    Aug 14, 2012
  4. july19

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    Sep 16, 2013
    If you live out West, consider Terry Tussey.
  5. azpoolguy

    azpoolguy Well-Known Member

    Jul 4, 2013
    Living in the Chicago area you should be able to find a competent smith with in driving distance.

    You are approximate 2 hours from Springfield Armory. Why not start there?
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  6. JayHRC51

    JayHRC51 New Member

    Jan 9, 2019
    I had thought about SA but they did the factory trigger which I'm not impressed with which leaves me wondering if they would do any better if I sent it back to them. Probably wouldn't be the same people doing trigger jobs but still not super confident they would return a satisfactory improvement. Living in the Chicago suburbs does put me in close proximity to lots of gun shops but none of the smiths working at those shops has given me much confidence in their abilities. Seems like everyone in my area does "plug and play" work on Glock's or M&P's and has little experience with 1911's. And unfortunately all of the guys I shoot with just leave their guns stock or do the small stuff on their own. I don't have anyone that I can lean on for a 1911 reference.

    I'm fine with shipping the gun off to someone that has a good history of working on 1911's, and I would like to support someone that's active on this forum if possible.

    I've got a couple guys in mind that I've seen on here. Maybe I'll just take the advise of wrmiller and make a few calls to get things started.

    Thanks for the feedback so far
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  7. azpoolguy

    azpoolguy Well-Known Member

    Jul 4, 2013
    There is a big difference between their production line guns and the work being down in the custom shop.
  8. wrmiller

    wrmiller The Tinker

    Oct 29, 2016
    This... ^

    @JayHRC51: If you were not so darn far away I'd invite you down for a weekend and I'd teach you how to do your own basics. You'd have to buy your own tools of course, as I'm poor. :D
  9. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Consider my signature line before replying . . . .

    Dec 4, 2014

    Visit this link and look for a smith in your neck of the woods. This list is broken out by state and is very comprehensive IMO.

    There are most of the major custom smiths, and quite a few regional favorites.

    Good luck with your search.

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  10. ZArugby

    ZArugby Kickin back a little Supporting Addict

    Sep 15, 2016
    Two words -

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  11. Boatbum101

    Boatbum101 Member

    Mar 9, 2019
    Springfield Custom Shop will do as much or as little as you want . Fair prices , pretty good turnaround time & they're close to you . If it were me I'd have them replace all the MIM internals & be done with it . Besides what you save in shipping you can spend on upgrades.......what's not to like ?
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  12. simonp

    simonp Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2016
    Choosing a smith for a trigger job is no easy task, personally I go with people that I trust and have experience with. I have sent guns to new to me smiths and had them come back unsafe, hammer following, also had them come back with too light a trigger or no trigger reset.

    I have had 2 experiences with Springfield's custom shop, same gun which had to go to a private smith to fix after that so I can't recommend them based on my personal experience.

    I would take a look at the post

    Look up some of their work on here from a variety of posters so you get a good sampling, find a couple that you think you like then talk to them, see which you do like and go from there.
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  13. Fred_G

    Fred_G Known Agitator

    Dec 29, 2015
    I have polished triggers a bit, used a trigger track stone and gotten a bit better triggers. I am in love with the trigger job Steve did on my SA. Shoot him a IM, worth talking to him about it. I got the ignition parts replaced, true radius with flat trigger...
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  14. gaijin

    gaijin Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2015
    “Triggers”are simple.

    Consider; get Harrison hammer, dear and disconnect.
    Get the “True Radius” sear.
    Drop parts in.
    Function/safety check.
    Shoot gun.
  15. mbacker_99

    mbacker_99 Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2017
    Springfield Custom Shop. Just be very specific in what you want. A trigger job with new parts will run $275 plus round trip shipping of $70. I would also suggest a hard fit match barrel and bushing for an additional $290.

    Evolution Armory also does excellent work.
  16. Green Face

    Green Face Good/Fast/Cheap

    Apr 16, 2017
    John Harrison will install his own parts into your pistol if you buy them from his webstore with little wait time. That's probably the best, easiest way to get a trigger job at a good price from a VERY experienced smith.
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  17. Novak77

    Novak77 Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2019
    I'd vote for sending it to SA. My SA Professional just showed up at my FFL today and my lord that trigger is amazing.

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