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I'm posting up this give away for all the members that have gave to others on this forum. Its open to anyone that has put up a item or just helped another member with information. Most on this forum are quick to help, thats why I like being a part of this group.

Post up a number from 0-500 , it will be open till 2pm 12/25/19
I will choose two numbers on Christmas Day at shortly after 2pm.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas!!

First up out of the Holster drawer is a HBE leatherworks OS pro holster for full size government 1911

Next up is two CMC 45 mags

(ACW pistol NOT included)

Safety glove Cabinetry Hardwood Wood stain Strap
Hardwood Handgun holster Safety glove Glove
Wood Hardwood Black Wood stain Photography
Bicycle part Bicycle saddle Leather Black Motorcycle accessories
Brown Black Tan Leather Beige
Hardwood Black Plastic Musical instrument accessory Synthetic rubber
Finger Brown Tan Beige Wallet
White Black Grey Composite material Household hardware

Consider my signature line before replying . . . .
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Put me down for 358 please.
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