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    Sep 10, 2011
    Well as projects go we collect things along the way. These are items that have collected in a drawer on my bench that need a new home. I will entertain reasonable offers for all or any of the items listed. All of my prices include 1st class postage also.

    2. Josh Bullman magazine carrier for Sig/Beretta double column magazines. This one is black and designed for a R/H shooter. I am not sure this has ever been used, I went to the Sig 220 about the time I received this order from Josh and the mag carrier has sat in the drawer since. $35.00 OBO shipped.



    5. Slide stop and magazine catch (no guts) from a Colt 1991 Commander. The parts are blued and in great shape just replaced with Ed Brown products. $30.00 for both shipped OBO.


    Well this has pretty much taken an hour to take my crappy pictures, supload them and then type this listing. I might have some additional items to list at a later date, I have no more time today. As I mentioned all prices are negotiable to apoint and include shipping. I accept paypal (+4%) or USPS Money Order for payment. Email is the best way to contact me.

    [email protected]
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