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Happy New Year all....

A sudden illness and death in the family has put all major purchases on hold for a while, so I'll be focusing on my little improvement projects for a bit.

I'm interested in seeing whatcha gots in the following, all for Compact / OACP 45:
  • MAGAZINES - 7 rounders, slam pads are a bonus
  • GRIP PANELS - VZ, Harrison, not looking for woods
  • HAMMERS - Stainless, EGW, WC, Harrison or other quality brands
  • SLIDE STOPS - Stainless, EGW, WC, Harrison or other quality brands
  • THUMB SAFETY - Stainless, ambi only.
  • SIGHTS - sets only; Novak cut F&B or Novak rear / single post front; Night Sights or other hi-viz front sets
  • BARRELS - 3.5", Kart, Colt, anything quality
  • IGNTION SETS - Harrison, etc
  • TRIGGERS - Medium or long,
  • RECOIL SPRINGS - 22#, 24#, NIB only
  • HOLSTERS - IWB, AIWB, Blackpoint Tactical, G-Code, Garrett, Stealthgear, Rosen, Bitterroot, other premium leather or kydex holsters. Show me whatcha got!
Especially looking for magazines, particularly sets, several of the same make. No need for 6- rounders. Also very keen on sights and holsters.

Thanks in advance!

PS- apologies where applicable but DM's from brand new members, members with no activity outside of Classifieds, or other nonsense will be ignored.
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Pretty Please!!
Closing this out and creating separates for remaining items
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