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    Jun 27, 2018
    Am in the process of standardizing on DA/SA with decocker, so this needs to go. As stated, this is an ORM 1991, early 90's vintage, I believe. Pistol is not stock, the original owner had an extended beavertail fitted, as well as ostensibly replacing all the internals with Les Baer parts. Maybe, maybe not, but a detail strip revealed some issues that needed addressing. Those resulted in my doing the following:

    Installed a Wilson Combat spring kit.
    Installed a Cylinder & Slide trigger kit.
    Installed a C&S Pull Reduction kit.
    Replaced plastic flat MSH with Ed Brown steel arched MSH (personal preference).
    Replaced FLGR with Ed Brown GI length rod and plug.

    In other words, the only thing Colt left is the frame, slide, and barrel. Trigger is very crisp and breaks at 5 lbs., but could easily go lighter with a little tweaking. Sights are stock, although I painted the front sight fluorescent orange, that can easily be removed. It's currently wearing a set of Hogue finger groove grips, but I have 3 other sets that will go with it. It's had approximately 300 rounds through it since being overhauled, and has been flawless.

    Included with the pistol will be the following:

    Original box and docs.
    3 additional grip sets.
    1 Colt 7 round mags.
    2 Wilson Combat 8 round mags.
    4 Sig 8 round mags.
    Safariland 578 paddle holster.
    A variety of old/extra/left-over parts.
    And probably some other odds and ends I'm forgetting at the moment.

    Price is $800, but would prefer to trade for a CZ 97 BD. Will consider other .45 ACP autos, but must be DA/SA with decocker. Would also consider a Ruger Bisley convertible in .45 Colt/.45 ACP. Will ship at buyers expense, but your FFL must accept shipment from a non-FFL. In the event of a trade, we each pay our own shipping. Thanks for looking. Dave.



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