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Okay, guys, time to get serious. I realize Christmas is right around the corner and cash is tight, but I have 4 pistols that need a new home. All are in good shape and fully functional, nothing wrong with any of them other than that my interests have changed, or rather, gotten more specific, i.e. I'm focusing on one brand and type of pistol, CZ's with metal frames and decockers. Some exceptions, but that's the bulk of my interest these days. So here they are.

First up, Colt 1991A1 ORM in .45 ACP, of course. I've done a lot of work on this since I got it, Wilson Combat spring kit, C&S trigger kit, different grips, about the only things left that are Colt is the frame, barrel, and slide. Accurate, very good trigger, and eats just about anything I've fed it, including some of my SWC reloads. Have a variety of extras that will be included, holsters, grips, spare parts, mags, etc. Will also come in its original blue Colt box, and I think there's even some of the original documentation in there, too. Cash price $700.


Next up is my CZ P-07 Duty in 9mm. I got this intending to make it my EDC, but like I said, I prefer metal frames and the "classic" 75 action vs. the Omega, so it's losing out to my PCR. Trigger is excellent, both SA & DA, and it just feels good in the hand. I replaced the front sight with a FO, and also installed a set of Talon grips, really helped with the control. This will also include some extras, along with the original box and docs. Cash price $400.


Next, the gun that started my CZ obsession, a 90's vintage Tanfoglio Witness in 9mm. All steel, small frame but full sized pistol, it's a near clone of the CZ 75. If this had a decocker, I'd be more than happy to keep it, but it doesn't, so it has to go. Accurate, soft shooter, and the typically outstanding CZ design ergonomics, not to mention built like a tank, just a great shooter. Not much in the way of extras with this one, just a soft case, a couple of extra mags, and a holster. Cash price $350.


Last, but not least, my Taurus PT-92. Say what you like about Taurus, but the 92 is their flagship pistol, and they do a good job. Unlike the Beretta, this has a frame mounted safety/decocker, so you have the choice of cocked and locked like the 1911, or hammer down with DA first shot. Better? You decide, I did, which is why I bought this instead of the Beretta. This was my first full size 9mm, I bought it brand new last April. It's got somewhere around 1500 rounds through it, other than an extraction issue right after I got it caused by a burr in the extractor channel, it's been flawless with a variety of ammo, both FMJ and HP. Pretty much stock other than grips and a "D" spring, this is another nice shooter, but if you have small hands, probably not a good choice. Cash price is $400.


All prices are OBO, trade interests are listed below. Will also do 2 for 1 for the right deal, and will ship at buyers expense as long as your FFL accepts guns from private parties. Trades, we each pay our own shipping. BTW, I live in the boonies and don't travel, so shipping will almost certainly be required, unless you live somewhere between Omak and Wenatchee. Trade list:

Top of the list on purpose, a CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical
Ruger Bisley Convertible .45 LC/.45 ACP
Ruger GP-100 .357 Mag, 4-6" barrel
Ruger Mini-14, maybe a Mini-30
Ruger American Ranch in .223 (gee, are we seeing a pattern here ;)?)
Heavy barreled action or rifle in 6.5 Grendel, thinking Howa or CZ mini-action
Will consider other CZ pistols as long as they're DA/SA with decocker, prefer stock or near stock

Nothing else in mind at the moment, but if you want to make an offer, go for it, worse I can do is say no thanks. Sorry this got so long and thanks for looking, later.

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