Colt Colt Defender: Any success stories or horrid failures?

Discussion in '1911 Carry' started by rblondon, Jul 5, 2020.

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    Sep 8, 2015
    When I began working in a plain clothes job with my department I retired my issued Colt Gunsite pistol, and began carrying a .45 ACP Colt Defender as my primary duty pistol. I had bought the Defender a couple years before, and had removed the rubber grips, fit a Wilson Combat tactical thumb safety, a short trigger, and had my gunsmith perform a trigger job on it.
    I had purchased the Defender new, and it had been 100% reliable from the get go. Before I began carrying it daily though I elected to have a few more upgrades performed on it. Since the gun came with the duckbill style grip safety, I had my gunsmith fit an upswept style GS that was more to my liking. I also had him fit a polished steel feed ramp insert, mill some serrations into the top of the slide, checker the front strap, fit a rounded Wilson Combat MSH, then refinish the stainless parts in IonBond. He also reannodized the receiver in black.
    I've carried this Defender daily since 2012, firing around 400 rounds per year through it. I noticed the slide was slowing down when firing weak hand only a couple years ago so I replaced the recoil spring assembly. The gun continues to perform perfectly with still never a single malfunction.
    I've since purchased a second Defender chambered in 9MM for my wife. It also ran well, but proved to large for her to carry in her purse compartment, so it mostly resides in my safe these days.
    At the time I bought my first Defender, I was aware of the poor dependability issues officer's 1911's were known for. I was expecting to have issues with mine, but they never materialized. I don't hesitate to recommend a Colt Defender as a carry gun.
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    Jul 11, 2018
    Based in large part on the reviews here, and lack of utter failures, I've obligated my slush fund to cover a 2-year-old defender from a friend of mine. Just a matter of us arranging to be in the same town in the next few weeks. It's been ceracoated on the frame, the slide flats have been polished - which will be a bright area I might have coated to match the frame, or just turn it into a black slide. Not much on 'bright' guns or gun parts. But that's just me. It's sight unseen to me, we'll see. though if it's gone one of those blessed duck bill safeties on it - the safety will be racing the 3 dot sights to see which one gets off first!

    Thanks for the time to respond, everybody. I appreciate the input.

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    I might have one available. <100 flawless rounds through it.


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