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Colt Defender with Kimber Ultra Recoil assembly

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I saw a youtube video in which the owner was saying he had installed a Kimber Ultra recoil assembly in his Defender because the rear end of the Kimber rod was more robust and built so that it did not tilt when in place, and this made his Defender easier to assemble because it didn't push the barrel link forward like the factory rod did.

He never did post a follow up to say how it shot or whether or not it affected reliability.

Has anyone tried this? Or talked with anyone who has?
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I have read on several different sites, this Kimber part was one of several replacement options for the Colt Defender RSA.
EGW also has one listed for replacement although a different construction.
As far as any reports on “using/shooting” I haven’t really searched or found anything positive or negative.
On my Defender, while reassembling, I just hold the RSA with my thumb as I install the slide. Functions normally.
For me “No biggie”.
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