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This is a catch and release for me. Looked good, is good, but a safe full of Colt 1911s makes me willing to release back into the wild. A strong 95% to my eyes.
It is of the latest generation of CGPs - Colt's beavertail (as opposed to the original S&A); Colt's speed safety (as opposed to the original Wilson); front and back Novak sights (as opposed to the original Heinie front); and no front slide serrations (Yay!). It is blue, and I am not sure if Colt ever made this generation in stainless. Tritium front sight still glows strongly.
Comes in the blue plastic Colt box, with one magazine, just as it was sold.
I shot two magazines of ball through it, detail stripped and cleaned it, replaced the recoil and firing pin springs with fresh ones from Wolff, and put it away. Minor blue wear, but nothing tragic. The last owner replaced the serrated MS housing with a steel, smooth one with a lanyard loop. I do not know if these new ones came with steel or nylon housing, but I will include a factory Colt nylon serrated one as an extra.
I do not know the round count, but the frame feed ramp looks good.

Asking $1,400.00 shipped to your FFL unless you are in NC, where we might be able to to a FTF.

Open to a bunch of partial trades + cash:
  • S/S no lock/no mim S&W revolvers in .38/.357
  • Gen. 5 G17 (police trade ins may be ok. I like the no front serration slides) as a back-up to current carry.
  • Ruger Speed Six in S/S, 2 3/4"
  • Browning High Power 9mm Mk. 2 or Mk. 3 (no surplus, just commercial)
  • Beretta 92 compact, no rail. I am picky about the frame finish, since they are aluminum
  • Remington 870 Police Magnum
  • Marlin 36Y .30-30

As you can see, my trades are all over the map, as I am looking to plug some holes in the want/need collection.


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