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Newer model lightweight 9mm commander with a Nolin 38 Super barrel.
When I bought it I didn't like the way it shot but sent it to Steve Owens and he worked some magic on it. It shoots much better now.
Original 9mm barrel and bushing as well as 1 magazine for each caliber.
I am asking 1600 shipped.
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Wood stain
Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory
Wood Trigger Air gun Rectangle Gun accessory
Everyday carry Wood Hunting knife Gun accessory Knife
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gas Gun accessory
Light Yellow Air gun Trigger Gas
Hood Bumper Automotive lighting Font Vehicle
Liquid Office supplies Auto part Font Cylinder
Revolver Bullet Watch Wrist Ammunition
Wood Everyday carry Shotgun Handgun holster Metal

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If anyone is on the fence on this one, it's time to decide.

I am a true Addict and if anyone else "needs" this more than I do, speak up or I'll play with it and hope it makes a good one for my family.

If anyone else wants this, say so and I'm honored to step aside. If not, wrap her up, John and send her my way. It's always a pleasure.
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