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This gun is in fantastic condition for the vintage, Bullseye modifications include some very interesting, attractive, and handmade stocks, and a super job of widening and checkering the hammer spur (like Kings was known for in the day). Gun left Hartford in 1939, and looks to have spent most of its days in the sock drawer of someone that never really got to put her thru her paces. Super smooth action and great lockup Colt's are known for.

REDUCED $900!!
$975 Shipped OBO

Gun Wood Firearm Trigger Line
Wood Line Hardwood Metal Grey
Wood Line Hardwood Metal Bicycle accessory
Bicycle saddle Bicycle part Grey Guitar accessory Metal
Wood Brown Hardwood Purple Bicycle part
Wood Grey Metal Composite material Trunk
Wood Line Metal Grey Steel
Metal Grey Tool Iron Steel
Wood Bicycle part Iron Metal Tool
Skin Joint Air gun Security Shotgun

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