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Colt Python - 1979

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Beautiful 1979 Colt Python with that gorgeous Colt bluing.

I'd say this is a solid 85% shooter grade gun that you can enjoy and not cry about.

4" barrel

$2,600 shipped and insured FFL to FFL

Revolver Air gun Trigger Hunting knife Everyday carry

Revolver Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel

Wood Tool Hunting knife Strap Knife

Bicycle part Trigger Machine Nickel Metal

Revolver Automotive design Air gun Bumper Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exhaust Rim

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Bumper Automotive design

Air gun Trigger Office equipment Gun barrel Gun accessory

Microphone Automotive tire Tread Tire Camera accessory

Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper
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