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Selling for a good friend looking to free up some money. This is some VERY early work I did. I had to go way back in time to find the pic of parts used. I actually think it was my second time checkering by hand so it's cool to look back on starting until now. At any rate he had a limited budget so we did minor cosmetic work. Work and parts used listed below:

EGW thick flange bushing and plug
Flush cut and crown barrel
Replaced plastic MSH with an S&A flat checkered.
NHC Pin kit
Harrison Retro Rear Sight
Wilson Tactical Thumb Safety
EGW SS Grip Safety fit and blended
Rear of frame/slide blended
Mild bevels and bottom of slide bevel
New Colt Blued hammer/factory ignition cleaned up.
Nighthawk Tri-Cavity Trigger
30lpi hand checkering
3 Ball Arrow Pattern on Top.
Blasted and polished back.
VZ Black/Grey grips

This gun retains factory frame/slide fit and barrel. Nothing was done to factory throat etc. Comes with four factory colt mags and original grips.

Anyways I think it would be a decent base gun already started if it appeals to ya. Please remember this checkering is far from perfect.

Looking for $1300 shipped to you FFL. Thanks!

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That looks really nice! Good carry gat!
Wish colt was on roster.


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