Colt Wiley Clapp lightweight commander

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  1. blamo

    blamo Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2018

    Colt Talo Wiley Clapp Commander (o4840WC) in excellent condition. Comes with what you see pictured.

    70 Series, three-digit WC serial number, National Match barrel, Pete Single checkering on front strap, MSH and beveled magwell, tactical oval grips with fringer checkering, limited run, etc.

    Pretty tight for a Colt production gun — better than my Wiley Clapp Government and Custom Shop M45A1 I picked up around the same time — and this shoots lights out. Bought it as new and put 100 rounds of Winchester white box thru it. It's a joy, but I had a change of heart and am looking to go with a CCO. Happy to provide more photos or any other info.

    I'd like to get $1050 shipped, discreet Paypal friends & family or postal money order.

    Note: This is my first time selling/buying on this fourm. I'd be happy to message anyone my feedback history from my local gun fourm, as well as 15+ year 100% positive ebay history, etc., as well as hop on the phone and work out a plan together on shipping, etc. I do ship thru my local FFL.

    wc commander 1 box.jpg wc commander 2.jpg wc commander 3.jpg wc commander 4.jpg wc commander 5.jpg wc commander 6.jpg wc commander 7.jpg
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  2. Wheels No More

    Wheels No More Long gone

    May 12, 2015
    One of my favorite Colt offerings.
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  3. RN47

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    Feb 22, 2018
    Damn sexy.
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  4. colt man

    colt man Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2015
    I’ll take it as per our conversation.
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  5. blamo

    blamo Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2018
    Traded to Colt Man.
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