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Hey everyone, this will be my 1st impressions of my new STI CM
This is my 1st 2011. I have lusted after a DVC 3 gun for years & when this CM came up I jumped on it. (impulse buy)

For a little background I have a small but varied collection of 1911's & some dbl stacks (TSO, Centac, EDCX9, Legion 226 SAO) Most are 9mm now due to advancing arthritis it's just easier to handle.(3 Ruger Mk iv's the exceptions).

OK, here we go. The gun weighs 37oz MT & 51oz (21 rnds). It feels very good in my bear paw hands (3XL gloves). I love the grip bark type stippling feels great, The machining is excellent, the fit & finish is perfect. Lock up is tight (bull barrel).
The very narrow rear notch site & red FO front sight were a little awkward at 1st for my trifocal old eyes to get used to but became easy on my 2nd outing.

The slide action is very smooth, trigger pull measured 2# 6oz with zero creep & a real crisp break.
Ergonomics are great especially for my mitts. Recoil/muzzle rise are negligible as would be expected. (147grn FMJ Freedom ammo)


Overall I love this gun.
Now the "but"...Is it 3x better than my CZ TSO? No not really, but I love this CM gun.

It comes with 4 mags, really nice grey soft case and of course supporting papers/test target etc.
Did I mention I really love this gun.

The target from today was at 25 ft (bottom center target was a 66rnds mag dumps from my Talo Mk iv SS Hunter with Volquartsen Accurizer kit & Tandemkross flatty)

Talo Right side.jpg

The other targets were rapid fire 84 rnds approx 2rnds/sec.

JW3 84 rnds 1 21 20.jpg

Thanks for looking


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I have to repost what comments I made to someone else, since G was so nice to let me try the JW3 gun.

"I got to shoot something very special today at the range. An STI Combat Master aka the JW3 pistol. Not "the" pistol, but one of the production versions. Let me say, I didn't shoot it as well as I might have. but then again, I only took 10 shots.

One reason for this, is the same issue I have will all guns that have a u notch blacked out rear sight. I can be more precise with a gun that has 3 dots, especially if its not mine or if I haven't shot it in a while. The vertica...l groupings get strung out just a little. NOW.... Let me really tell you why I didn't shoot it that well.

My friend who owns this gun has or had a number of VERY nice firearms. CZ tac sport orange, numerous dan wesson 1911's, Ed Brown's, GI, Nighthawk, etc. Including a very highly optioned Wilson Tactical Supergrade that was almost just like the one I posted a few days ago; but it was in 45. I have shot them all numerous times.

The STI is a completely different animal. You have to have one in your hands to know what I'm getting at. Its not the grip, weight, balance, trigger or any of that. What makes that gun so special is how SMOOTH the slide action on the frame is.

As soon I chambered a round with a fresh mag I was BLOWN AWAY. I could not feel any movement of the slide as it went into battery. It was way beyond the proverbial roller bearing or smooth as butter when the slide moved. And shooting it I was so taken by the lack of recoil inpulse and any sensation of the slide action moving when I fired it that I wasn't paying attention to the trigger or the sights. It was just like WOW, how smooth is this thing? Maybe better than the Wilson Tac Supergrade, even.

Whomever is finishing these guns and getting them to run like they do should go teach some of the other gun builders how it should be done. lol. I totally get that because its not a full railed frame that it helps.... but this gun was dirty and had already fired a hundred rounds or so that day. Absolutely amazing.

Now, are all the 2011's like this? If so, I might have to own one.
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