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Convert Tisas B9 Carry to .38 Super

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Hello all,

I am looking to acquire a .38 super commander sized gun. I have had good luck with Tisas pistols so I was thinking about converting a B9 Carry to .38 Super.

As I understand it, it's a barrel, recoil spring and magazine swap. Maybe tune the extractor. Does anybody know what kind of ramp cut Tisas uses in their 9mm guns?

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I emailed Tisa a couple of months ago relating my desire for a steel framed commander to rechamber a 9mm to 9x23Win. Their reply was as follows, which is questionable since they replied Newlines vs Nowlin. Anyway, double-check as I do question this response ... and post your outcome so I may correct my info if this was in error.

Good morning

The Carry 1911 by TISAS has a Wilson Newlines ramped barrel which is interchangeable with other series 70 9mm barrels with the same style of ramp.
While I do not know if we have a steel bobtail planned, we do still have an aluminum bobtail pistol which we will continue to import. Please see it linked below.

Tisas 1911 Stingray Carry Pistol (tisasusa.com)

Thanks so much,
Customer Service

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