Counting The Days

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    A business man got on an elevator in a tall building.
    When he entered the elevator, there was a blonde
    already inside and she greeted him by saying,

    He smiled at her and replied, "S-H-I-T".

    She looked at him, puzzled, and said, "T-G-I-F" again.

    He acknowledged her remark again by answering,

    The blonde was trying to be friendly, so she smiled
    her biggest smile and said as sweetly as possibly,
    "T-G-I-F" another time.

    The man smiled back to her and once again replied with
    a quizzical _expression, "S-H-I-T."

    The blonde finally decided to explain things, and this
    time she said, "T-G-I-F. It means Thank Goodness It's
    Friday.' Get it, duuhhh?"

    The man answered, "S-H-I-T -- Sorry, Honey, It's
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    Dang, I thought this thread was going to be about the Shoot . . . .
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