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That's right - giveaway. Working with project sponsor VZ Grips, noted 1911 pistolsmiths Jason Burton of Heirloom Precision and Pete Single of Pete's Custom Shop collaborated to turn out a custom 1911 that will be given away. Not sold, not raffled, not auctioned - given away. Go to vzgrips.com and press the VZ Giveaway picture for a description of the work on this exemplary pistol, and entry instructions.

NOTE TO FORUM MODERATOR/OWNER: I have no vested interest whatsoever in this giveaway, and believe posting this information for the benefit of 1911addicts.com forum members is within the terms of use for the site. Please remove this post if that is not the case.

Left Side Burton-Single 1911 by Pointman_FL, on Flickr

Pete Single - Jason Burton 1911 by Pointman_FL, on Flickr

Burton Gold Line Front Sight by Pointman_FL, on Flickr

Single - Burton Magwell by Pointman_FL, on Flickr

Single-Burton 1911 Muzzle by Pointman_FL, on Flickr

Pete Single Logo by Pointman_FL, on Flickr
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