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Not your typical XTAC by any stretch! It’s really a CQB with an XTAC grip.


I am the only owner.

Took 6 months for production and my priorities have changed.

I put a lot of thought into what I wanted, and this is not your average off-the-shelf Wilson; hopefully it will appeal to someone.

Sorry in advance for the crappy photos.
  • X-Tac grip
  • Wide rear cocking serrations (no front)
  • Right-side slide markings deleted
  • Rounded butt frame
  • Fluted chamber
  • Flat top slide (not serrated)
  • Ringed cap plug (stainless)
  • Stainless bushing
  • Stainless RETRO commander hammer
  • Flush/recessed barrel crown
  • Flat trigger pad
  • 3.75 lb trigger
  • Extreme dehorn/carry melt
  • Trajan Font “WILSON COMBAT”
  • White gold bead sight
  • Black/Gray G10 Slant grips with black medallions
  • Black hex head grip screws
  • Bag, papers, and everything else as it comes from Wilson.
  • .45 ACP
Cost $3184

$2900 shipped FFL-to-FFL


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I can’t believe this is still here, if I hadn’t ordered a NHC Counselor a couple weeks ago I would talk with you about it. GLWS.

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Wow. That pretty much exactly what I want my next 1911 to be. Unfortunately I need a new roof and to paint my house.

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