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    Sep 11, 2011
    This came up in the reloading section, so I thought I would bring the concept here. Share you firearm related customer service stories good or bad.

    I have had very good luck with Springfield customer service. I sent them a used TRP that I purchased that had been modified by Nighthawk (ion bond, serrated slide top, new trigger). The gun was having 3 point jams. I called Springfield on 12/1 and they sent me a prepaid shipping label and I dropped it off at Fed Ex at about 3pm. I got a call from Springfield today and they said that it had been shipped out and that it should arrive on 12/9 before noon. The turnaround is a week and it didn't cost me a dime for a modified gun that I purchased used. I'll let you know how it runs at the class.

    Kimber was less than helpful. I purchased a new Crimson Carry Pro that needed the extractor tuned (it sent brass into my forehead) and had an occasional ftf. I called Kimber after a year (it mostly sat in the safe) and they wanted me to send it on my own dime and to pay for the repairs since it was out of warranty. I have also personally seen poor work come out of their "custom shop".
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    Customer service can make or break a company.

    I wish ALL companies would get that memo! :wink:


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    Springfield Armory is A+. I told them my GI felt a little rough when loading fmj's (i hadn't experienced any jams) but it felt rough. That throated the barrel and polished the ramp, and it smooth right out. They paid for round shipping, and I did not have to pay a penny. My buddy bought a XD used, the previous owner didn't take good care of it. Idiot scratches all over it, he called them told them the whole story, they refinished it for free and shipped it for free. They have made me a life long customer.

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