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As stated, P-07 Duty with 2013 manufacture date, not the original owner so unknown round count, but is in excellent condition and has a sweet trigger. Stock other than Talon grips and a FO front sight. This model has the extended but unthreaded barrel for import to countries with barrel length restrictions (Canada?). Came with just the safety, I had to buy the parts to switch it over to decocker, but it's easy to switch back.

Looking to trade for a full size CZ 9 mm, DA/SA with decocker, first choice would be an SP-01 Tactical, but will consider others. Prefer stock or near stock, I like doing my own mods/upgrades. Have extras to go with the pistol to help equalize value, and/or could add cash for the right gun. Am willing to ship as long as your FFL accepts shipments from non-FFL's. Question or trades via PM please, thanks. Dave.



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