SOLD CZ Shadow 2 w/ Additional CZC Work

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    Feb 2, 2018
    SOLD My Last Large Frame CZ
    New Unfired, Never Carried CZ Shadow 2 with Additional CZC Work As Listed.

    CZ SHADOW 2 black polycoat
    S&I SADA Hammer & Tune G
    CZ Comp Hammer HIGH 16D
    Install Hammer SA DA
    Spring Main / Hammer 13 LB X 1
    CZ 75 Disconnector SHRT GS
    Install Shrt Reset Diss W ith TJ
    CZ 85/TS/Shadow Firing Pin NEW
    CZ 2075 Firing Pin Spring FACT

    Comes In OEM Case With All Paperwork, 3 Mags And Original Parts That Were Replaced.

    SOLD $1650.00 Net Shipped. Paid By PayPal Or USPS Money Order.
    Shipped To Your FFL Who Must Accept Transfers From Individuals.
    Shipped To Legal States Only.
    No Trades Offers Please Other Than STI Costa.
    Please Excuse My Pictures.






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    Sweet heat right there!

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