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You serious, Clark?
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Bought this last year. I'm the original owner. I've shot about 2500 rounds thru it.

This is the Orange SP-01 Shadow. Only small amount of these were made.

  • handmade barrel matching and precise slide side setting
  • Improved trigger mechanism
  • polished barrel
  • metal polished recoil spring guide
  • polished recoil spring + recoil spring set (13 lbs. And 11 lbs.)
  • Polished main spring + main spring set (13 lbs. And 16 lbs.)
  • Buffer set (3x thick, 2x thin)
  • orange grips - thin, long (aluminium)
  • 3x magazine with aluminium magazine bottom (orange)
  • defender type rear sights and red fiber optic front sight 5,5 x 2,5 x 1 mm
  • newly designed sa/da hammer
  • cleaning oil, cd, polymer case
  • better shooting comfort, increased accuracy.
  • more stable recoil during shooting. Parts service life increased.
  • smooth and precise trigger mechanism

  • Gun Firearm Trigger Ammunition Gun accessory
I've replaced the medium stock safeties with thin safeties($89).
Replaced the stock disco with a Cajun Gun Works short reset disconector ($38).
Added CGW floating trigger pin($13).
Added CGW extended firing pin and FP spring($25
Added VZ Diamond Back Plan Swell grips ($85).
Installed 11.5# hammer spring.

Also, had the barrel reamed to sammi specs($40) to allow for longer profiled bullets.

Gun shoots lights out. It's ready for IDPA (ESP/SSP) or USPSA Production. Trigger is amazing. DA is smooth 5.5# and SA is 2.5#. Currently this will set off Winchester, Federal, S&B primers. Trigger can be made lighter or heavier with a simple spring change that anyone can do.

I do not have the original stock grips or base pads.

All other factory parts are included.

$1200 shipped.

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Seller always has great guns and is a great guy to deal with. I have seen the gun and shot it and what B_RAD didnt mention is that his 2500 weenie light recoiling reloads is like me shooting 1000 full power loads. Its barely broken in!
Buy with confidence.

You serious, Clark?
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Let's close this one. Gun is sold.
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