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    Jun 17, 2018
    For Sale: Brand New CZ 75 .22 Kadet 2 Kit for CZ 75, CZ 75 Compact, CZ 75 SP-01, P01 & PCR Pistols. Comes w/ hardcase which is lockable, (2) .22 Kadet Slide stops, Rear Site adjustable tool, Computerized Test Target, Paperwork and will also throw in a Band New CZ 75 PCR Slide Stop (I purchased this because the PCR slide stop will function better w/ P01 pistols, to have your slide lock open on the last shot.)
    I have never actually had a chance to use this and was meant for my CZ P-01. I only attached the slide to assess the fit of the slide to my P01 frame. All the reviews on this .22 conversion system are all positive and many state this is one of the best .22 conversion kits for any pistol period. Adjustable precision rear sight; luminescent front & rear (3-dot variety) sights; cleaning rod & .22 brush & (2) 10rnd .22cal magazine's. This kit has everything you need to start plinking with your favorite CZ 75 pistol!!

    $460 Shipped to your door.

    Will accept PayPal (Prefer Friends & Family Option otherwise buyer will have to pay any PayPal Fees + total price of Kit).

    I’ve noticed these are never in stock anywhere and range from $430-$460 + shipping. The PCR slide stop runs $34 + shipping at most retailers.

    This is unused and New in Box. Just needing $ for a new project. NO TRADES AT THIS TIME.

    Thanks for looking!

    Please DM me for inquiries or questions.

    C3A7BFF0-50AC-435F-A945-4CB5AD2FE1EE.jpeg 658CD521-98A8-4A8A-8460-D0A51F787A1C.jpeg 29F2F68F-D241-4304-9D07-26E1B18FA977.jpeg 77AB1CF6-1071-42BD-9E05-2BADD632CF62.jpeg 100C6683-32C5-4836-BA67-A66B85E144F9.jpeg 87B4B5BC-A434-44B6-9CD3-A63330B4F75A.jpeg AA9B64CC-044F-43DE-8F10-3F58FD956060.jpeg 3C0E0F14-8511-4E74-BFD7-9CBF4CEDFCE0.jpeg 86DCECFC-6A2D-4386-9DBB-42B1C3B37EFF.jpeg

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