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I bought a nice DW Valkyrie CCO not too long ago thinking I would get used to the shorter grip frame. Unfortunately, I found that I prefer a full size frame over the officer size. This Valkyrie is a 2016 build and has about 150 rounds through it. The first owner fired about 30 rounds when it was new and the gun was doubling. He sent it back to DW and they replaced the disconnector, sear spring and polished the sear and hammer. The trigger pull is great. He is an LEO who sustained a wrist injury so it didn’t get shot much after he got it back from DW. He told me he had fired 100 rounds and I have put 50 more through it.

Looking for a trade for a similar quality commander sized gun, Guardian, Valor, VBob, ECP, A2, well used Baer Commanche, etc. in either .45 acp or .38 Super. I can add a little cash if needed but with Christmas coming have to watch the finances. Not sure on trade value, maybe $1100? although Two Gun Jay is working hard to depress the price on these with his Gunbroker sales. Cash sale $1050 shipped. I don’t have feedback here yet but have a bunch on other forums I can point you to if needed. Open to offers or trades but prefer to trade, let me know what you have.

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