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Darth Vader Blaster Trilogy

Discussion in 'Collector's Corner' started by M1911info, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. M1911info

    M1911info Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2012
    Here are a few modern pistols that are kinda cool because of from whom they were purchased. The first is a bright nickel Government Model from 1976.
    The next is a Gold Cup NM from 1975.
    Finally, the last is a Jim Clark Heavy Slide from 1981.
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  2. Scaramouche

    Scaramouche Student of the Columbian Exchange Supporting Addict

    Sep 15, 2015
    Those are some very kool pistols no matter who you bought 'em from. Awesome collection! Congratulations! This aint saying James Earl Jones aint cool, those guns are outstanding.
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  3. Kmoyer

    Kmoyer Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Jul 9, 2012
    Wow, very nice!
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  4. Ethanol Red

    Ethanol Red Make it a double Supporting Addict

    Jul 12, 2015
    I love that extended sight radius. Talk about function before form. Excellent. I bet that thing could tell a few tales.
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  5. Raylan Givens

    Raylan Givens Never Forget Supporting Addict

    Aug 18, 2015
  6. Bender

    Bender Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Aug 15, 2011
    I just knew that a 1911 had to be Darth Vader's pistol of choice.

    Very neat stuff.....thanks for sharing those pics!
  7. bnaples

    bnaples Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Jun 24, 2013
    Hand of doom.....Darth vader.....I thought this was an alchemy thread. Hahaha!
  8. yrualeg1

    yrualeg1 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Jun 18, 2014
    I am duly impressed, those are awesome!
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  9. Kip

    Kip Sir Kip Esquire Supporting Addict

    Apr 12, 2016
    Bet he can hit with em too!!
    Excellent collection!!!
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  10. azpoolguy

    azpoolguy Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Jul 4, 2013
    Very nice. I bet more then a few of the Hollywood elite had cool gun collections back in the day before the town and State went to crap.
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  11. Fred_G

    Fred_G Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2015
    Nice guns! Never seen one like the bottom one, neat.
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  12. M1911info

    M1911info Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2012
    The Jim Clark guns are among the most accurate 1911 style pistols ever produced. Clark, himself, was quite an authority on marksmanship and custom gunsmithing.

    Here are a couple more Clarks I have. The first is a 1958 Super .38. This pistol was one of 20 Clark received from Colt and converted over to shoot .38 midrange. 1958 is also the year he won the Camp Perry national pistol championship. Later, the pistol was converted back to fire .38 Super.

    The next is a 1967 Clark Long Heavy Slide .45acp. These pictures are old, and I should have used a different background. can see what it is, anyway.
    These photos show the front and back grip strap preparation normally seen on Clark pistols from this era.

    In the right hands, the Clark pistols will outperform many, if not most, of the high-priced "target" pistols produced today. Jim Clark was a true master and knew what it took to be a champion shooter.
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  13. Fatbob Frank

    Fatbob Frank Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Feb 5, 2014
    Nice! The force is strong in this one...
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  14. Robert F. Ciancio Jr.

    Robert F. Ciancio Jr. I'm just glad to be here!

    Jun 25, 2014
    That is cool. I didn't know JEJ was a gun guy.
  15. LPRoad

    LPRoad Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Mar 16, 2015
    Cool stuff, thanks for sharing.
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  16. tac45

    tac45 What me worry ? Supporting Addict

    Mar 4, 2012
    James Earl Jones had 1911s ?

  17. M1911info

    M1911info Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2012
    Mr. Jones has been a gun enthusiast for a number of years. When he made a decision to sell some, 1290 pieces were offered at once.
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  18. Joni Lynn

    Joni Lynn Professional Pest, NRA Endowment member Supporting Addict

    Dec 21, 2014
    Very nice adoptions, congrats.
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  19. sidewaysil80

    sidewaysil80 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Jan 29, 2014
    Thats AWESOME! They all look absolutely pristine, how in the heck did you manage to get in touch with him to purchase lol?!
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  20. Kip

    Kip Sir Kip Esquire Supporting Addict

    Apr 12, 2016
    Either the force or he LIVES at Arby's!!!
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