Death by Urination

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    Pat Garrett, the lawman who shot Billy the Kid, died on February 29, 1908, while urinating alongside a road not far from Las Cruces, New Mexico Territory. Like the legendary outlaw he killed in 1881, Garrett never knew what hit him when a bullet slammed into the back of his head. His unceremonious killing, humorously called "death by urination" by a number of cowboys that hated him, closed out a lifetime of lost dreams and broken promises.

    After he killed the Kid, Garrett basked in a short lived limelight. He lost several sheriffs' elections and also a seat in the New Mexico Senate. By the late 1890s, Garrett once again served as a sheriff and, in 1901, was appointed customs collector in El Paso by Theodore Roosevelt. After five years of service, Garrett was not reappointed because he embarrassed Roosevelt by allowing a notorious gambler to pose in a photograph with the president at a Rough Riders reunion.

    At the time of his murder, Garrett resided on his ranch, trying to find a way to pay off taxes and impatient creditors. The day he died, Garrett was in a buggy with Carl Adamson, a prospective buyer for some of Garrett's land. Just east of Las Cruces, they happened upon Wayne Brazel, a cowboy who leased land from Garrett for grazing goats. Brazel refused to break his lease to allow sale of land unless Adamson also bought Brazel's goat herd. The deal was on the verge of collalpse. The men were arguing when they stopped to relieve themselves. In only minutes, Garrett was dead.

    Brazel confessed to the crime. He was tried for murder and acquitted after telling the jury he shot Garrett in self defense. Many believed he did not do it and Garrett's death is still a mystery. While law enforcement had a good list of suspects, no one else was ever brought to justice for the slaying of the man who killed Billy the Kid.

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    the last 2 Bill McNew and James Gilliland have those colorless killer eyes
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    Aug 18, 2015
    Sheriff Garrett was born in a town about 100 miles from the one I was born in. Fun fact of the Friday afternoon festivities.
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    That's a pretty cool factoid Mr. Givens!
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    Scar.... I love this stuff.

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    Nice afternoon post, Sir! I as well, enjoy your historic tails!
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    I had to make up for this mornings Old West weak sister post as I upset forum members and felt bad about it
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    No make ups or do overs, required mouche. You always provide a great lesson! Those that aren't willing to learn from it, are destined to repete it...
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    My money is on Jim Miller, one of the best hired assassins in his day.
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    Never knew what happened to Pat Garret. Thanks.
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    Some folks would complain if you hung them with a new rope...:confused:
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    When I first saw the title of this thread, I expected it to involve an electric fence. Am I the only one?
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    I thought it was from taking too much diuretic...

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