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Don’t have a Barrel lug alignment tool & don’t want to make one? Have gage pins? Try this…

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Ok, so I know there’s nothing new under the sun and half of you are probably like “duh, of course” But I had this sort of necessity/genius moment and thought I’d share because I haven’t seen this method of centering the barrel bottom lugs used anywhere:
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I was just about to make my own barrel alignment block because it’s free and I can make a near perfect fit. Well, while useing gage pins to determine my barrel’s exact clearances, I was like… “uhhh, I don’t need to make an alignment block anymore”:LOL:

If you just use a pair gage pins with a tight friction fit, that should center the barrel within .0001 of the rail surfaces (for cheap class ZZ pins) with a zero-play fit.… which is certainly less play and more centered than any drop-in fit of shelf alignment tools. Even if you only have one set of pins and have to use two consecutive sized gage pins (.001 difference) you still get a .0006 centered zero-play barrel alignment at worst. Still better than a drop-in alignment tool.

Even if I wanted to continue making my own tool at this point… is it going to be <.0005 centered with zero-fit? Highly unlikely. And making a perfect alignment block tool certainly isn’t worth the time versus grabbing my gage pins.
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