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Double Stack 10mm 1911/2011 owners......

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Hello and Happy Holidays!

I am asking for feedback from 1911/2011 owners who have double stack 10mm 1911s/2011s.....
I am asking for recommendations, opinions and overall experience of how your gun is running.....
What build qualities should be added/ what helps overall function.....price/pictures would be great

thank you!
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Following… I have my eye on a Triarc but I’ve heard great things about the Guncrafter
@NWPewPew I have heard great things about Tri-Arc but I did hear its a 10 month wait.
I honestly only know of one DS 10mm 1911 builder and that is Guncrafter. They build a great gun and I have several. Not all 10mm but a few of them. Really great shooting guns.
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I have an order for 10mm DS build from Accuracy-X, but won’t get it until late next year. They have great videos on YouTube that show their incredible accuracy. If you’re interested I can share more.
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