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DW ECO vs. Kimber Ultra CDP vs. Springfield RO Compact

  • DW ECO

    Votes: 54 73.0%
  • Kimber Ultra CDP

    Votes: 7 9.5%
  • Springfield RO Compact

    Votes: 9 12.2%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 5.4%

DW ECO vs. Kimber Ultra CDP vs. Springfield RO Compact

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Hi All,
I am considering a new 1911 for concealed carry (this will be my first cc pistol). Full size 1911s are my favorite firearms to shoot and they are fairly thin as well so I thought a smaller version (like an officers model) in 9mm might make for a great cc pistol. Based on some preliminary research I came upon three models that I think would fit the bill:

Dan Wesson ECO 3.5"
Kimber Ultra CDP 3"
Springfield RO Compact 4"

The DW is the most expensive at around $1300 and I've heard nothing but good things about DW
The Kimber is $1000 and looks super good but I am not quite sold on their reliability
The Springfield is the least expensive at around $800 but does not have tritium sights like the other two.

Size is one thing I am a little worried about. Obviously to CC, the smaller the gun the better. But for shooting, usually the larger the better - less recoil and longer sight radius. I am quite a tall but very thin guy so was leaning more towards the DW and Kimber due to their smaller size and slightly more contoured form factor. What are you thoughts?

Thanks, Phill
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The ECO is hands down the best of the 3 and worth the extra $..
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ECO all the way. Fantastic shooter and a surprising light recoil too. View attachment 138489
In .45? Great little shooter, but I wouldn’t call the recoil light.
No experiance with ECO. Nobody has experiance with ECO.

Once they have "hit the street" and proved themselves, I'm sure DW has a winner with the ECO.
You have a tough choice to make.
Nobody? Plenty of people here with ECO pistols. I’ve vetted mine with 8 different types of premium hollow points. I had a Kimber at exactly the same price point, and it’s laughable to me to even compare the two.
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Agree with the DW but who is buying all the Kimbers? They sell a bunch!
The uninformed? ;)

The do make a nice looking firearm, and they advertise like mad.
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