Eagle Imports/Metro Arms MAC Classic trials & customer service

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    Nov 24, 2015
    Just over a year ago, I found what seemed to be a smokin' deal on a MAC Classic by Metro Arms, imported by Eagle Imports, the folks who import Bersa. I had read good reviews on the Metro Arms 1911 line in general and the MAC Classic in particular which was billed as their higher end, competition 1911. The gun has bomar type adjustable rear sights, fiber optic front sight, bull barrel & a very nice finish. The price was such that I decided if I didn't like it I could get my money out of it, so I ordered the MAC Classic.

    When the gun came in, I liked the look of the gun, but the internals seemed of lower quality than I had expected. When coupled with the fact that the slide was so tight, it was impossible to rack without cocking the hammer first and, even then, took a ridiculous amount of strength. It was so difficult that it felt like it was just slamming the internal parts by the time it "broke loose", which probably explains why the back of the trigger bow was bent when the gun arrived. I was told that these were known for being extremely tight and that the gun would loosen up after 500 rds or so. With that hope, I decided to go ahead and do a trigger job with an STI sear/disconnector & STI hammer. I noticed that the two-piece mainspring housing & magwell was already loose so I decided to replace that with a Smith & Alexander one piece unit. I also noticed that the flimsy, ambi safety was damage inside the gun so I replaced that as well with a Kimber ambi safety. I like the way the Kimber installs and I stayed with ambi so my left handed son could use the gun with ease.

    After all this work and 700 rounds, the slide was as difficult as ever to rack and the gun often wouldn't go back into battery while shooting. I contacted Eagle, they suggested I send to one of their gunsmiths for warranty work, so I sent it in back in September/October time frame. The gun was returned in less than a week with zero improvement. I was mad and traveling too much to even look at it for a while and finally contacted Eagle again a couple of months later. They paid to have me ship it to a different gunsmith, Colorado Gunworks (in Indiana, go figure) & the gun was received by them on 12/15/16. After several promises to repair the gun and have it back to me in one more week (this happened at least 5 times over a 4 month period) with no results, I contacted Eagle Imports again, this time by phone. I got the customer service manager, Suzanne, & she was appalled & very empathetic with my plight. She contact Colorado Gunworks & called me back & told me that the gun would be returned by the end of the following week. The gun finally arrived about 10 days ago, & was definitely better, but still seemed extremely tight. I took it to the range yesterday & the gun loosened right up and I shot lights out with it at 7 & 12 yards. FINALLY, after months of owning an unusable gun that I thought I would have to sell for parts, I seem to have a quality 1911 that I shoot quite well. My plan was to sell it if it was repaired but now I'm having second thoughts after shooting so well with it at the range. I guess the moral of the story is there aren't really any bargain deals with it comes to 1911's and even the best imports are going to come with baggage like poor service providers.

    I probably shouldn't have waited 4 months to contact Eagle Imports again because they truly were quite responsive, but I also didn't want to rush the guy and have the gun returned unrepaired again.
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    Almost sounds like my experience with my Rock Island Tac II. They seemed to get most of it right by the end of the second return. But still, the spent cases ejected forward. I eventually sold it as a gun that was quite reliable. I got tired of thinking about it.

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