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Early Ed Brown Special Forces Reduced

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Decided to sell my .45 ACP Ed Brown Special Forces. My arthritic hands are starting to protest the recoil of anything more than 9MM. And it is just too pretty to use in competition.

I purchased this pistol about a year ago from another addict in the forum here. It is a four digit serial number gun in carbon steel. I have shot 100 rounds with no issues and fantastic accuracy. When I purchased the pistol I sent it back to Ed Brown to have their tactical ambi safety, new rear sight, as well as refinishing the gun. Once there it was found to have some issues that their gunsmith was not happy with. So, $1,200.00 later I received basically a brand new gun.

The following was done to this gun:
  • Service Pack, cleaning and evaluation with new springs.
  • Refinish in satin blue. (EB no longer offers blueing as a option)
  • Tactical Ambi Safety.
  • Recessed slide stop.
  • Long Trigger.
  • New hammer.
  • Tactical edge rear sight .156 inch u-notch.
  • Ed Brown Barrel.
  • Flush barrel with recessed crown.
  • New extractor.

I am asking $2,495.00 shipped from my FFL to yours. Shipping included for the lower 48 states. I accept PayPal “friends & family” or checks with a wait for clearing.

Thanks for looking!!
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Wednesday bump to the top with a price reduction. $2,495.00 including shipping from my FFL to yours. Lower 48 states only.
Thank you. It is a fabulous looking pistol….
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