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born in the wrong century
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No arguments from me.

Especially not with @azguy1911
He has an unbelievable collection of treasure 1911s.
If he gives a semi-custom a solid review then take it seriously. He's has some gem custom guns in his hands and has likely picked up some knowledge along the way. 馃憤

Howdy @pacecars
You nailed it with the "bucket list" guns. Coming along I wasn't really bit too hard with the rifle or shotgun bug....but handguns...especially 1911s were what made it to my bucket list.

When a dealer acquired a new Kobra Carry .45 for stock, I jumped on it. Saved myself the order time. The sights weren't my preference but those will be changed.

I am not much for stainless 1911s. Never has been my preference.

I trusted in the comments I'd read here on Addicts from @tac45 , AZGuy1911 and other members.

Ed Brown truly does have a secret formula for stainless. If they can make it so I really like it.....then they have done something.

Super smooth. No telling how it will wear in. Time will tell.

My preference on my other 1911s is generally course checkering....usually 20 lpi.

I was skeptical about the bobbed configuration in my paws....and doubly skeptical over the lack of traditional checkering to provide that bite....that anchor.

The skepticism went away immediately upon shooting the gun.

Once you apply normal grip pressure the gun is very secure....both fore & aft.

The bobbed frame turned out to be fine, too.

I added a DW Guardian .38 Super after reading strong endorsements from members like @Dwe
Unfortunately it sat in the safe for a several months before I had time to get busy with it.

It had some initial issues with the extractor that I took care of.
It is now running well.

The controls on the Guardian feel great....on par with the Ed Brown. That KC has a stellar trigger feel...superclean break. The Guardian is right there with it. It feels better than any DW gun I own...and none of them have poor trigger feel.

There is a carry bevel on the Brown that feels great if you are a meat-fister like me who rides the thumb safety and has their support thumb in tight during firing. Smooth as silk....hold her as snug as you wish and fire away.

Sorta difficult to compare these two much beyond what I have due to the alloy frame on the Guardian and the different chamberings.

Hoping to get much more saddle time with each....and piles of rounds through them.

Is the Executive Carry on par with the Kobra Carry ?
  • In my opinion, absolutely yes, on par. I'm sure they both will perform at high levels, neck and neck with each other.
  • The Kobra Carry was the gun on my personal "bucket list" so that is the one I wanted to add. No regrets, either.
  • Had I bought an Executive Carry, I likely would have still wanted the KC someday, too.

Is the Brown worth the difference in cost ?
  • Since the KC was a "bucket list" gat....had to have it first.
  • The Addict in me heard the praises of the Guardian being sung....so.....it happened. I am glad it did, too.
  • The DW performs very well....sure there aren't quite as many refinements (mostly cosmetic ) it does come in a finish that'll hold up well to humid carry....everything except the DW hammer....those require frequent TLC to remain free of rust.

born in the wrong century
10,823 Posts
Both of those grips are astonishing! Are they just for show or can you fire the pistol with them?

Carry both guns as you see there.

Not real enthused about ever buying another set of burl wood grips. The pair on my KC has a crack running across one of the panels.....appearing to split due at a mini-knot.

From now on I'll stick with grain woods, stag or G-10.
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