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* SOLD SOLD SOLD * Just in time for Christmas, I’m putting this shiny thing up for sale (actually, not-so-shiny as it has a matte stainless finish!): Ed Brown stainless Government 1911 in .45ACP. I purchased this directly from Brown as a “new / demo gun” in April 2019.

Features include:

No front cocking serrations
Solid trigger
Plain black rear sight / yellow XDHR front sight
Serrations along top of slide
Flush-fit slide stop
Flush-fit barrel with recessed crown
Checkered frontstrap and mainspring housing
G10 grips (as came from the factory)
American Flag treatment on slide serrations
No markings on left side of slide
Original magazines (unused)
Original soft case and tools
Copy of Letter of Authenticity from Ed Brown

The only thing I’ve ever changed on this gun were the grips and the installation of a recoil spring.

I’ve fired approximately 1500 rounds with this pistol with zero issues. Brass, aluminum, FMJ, JHP - Edward here likes it all!

This gun has been carried. The only blemish I can find to document is the one shown on the left side of the slide. It wasn’t like that when I took delivery of it, so it happened on my watch, though I’m not sure how. The gun has been cleaned regularly, though never broken down beyond field-strip that included removal / cleaning of extractor and firing pin.

Asking $2100 shipped FFL to FFL. Payment via PayPal Friends / Family preferred. Also will accept official bank check or USPS money orders. No trade interests.

Additional pictures of the original invoice for $2700 and the Letter of Authenticity stating a retail value of $3100 available for serious inquirers.

A note about my FFL - they will not provide me or you a copy of their license, nor will I need a copy of yours directly. Once we make a deal, I will exchange FFL contact info with you and provide yours to mine and then let our respective dealers work out copies, shipping, etc.

Thank you for looking, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Merry Christmas!

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