"Ed Brown Maxi-Comp” copy built by "Wilson Combat" $1750 shipped ConUS

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    Jul 18, 2018
    This is a unique and odd duck...This gun was built ~1985 by Wilson’s Gun Shop (today, Wilson Combat). Caspian confirmed that they sent this exact frame (WGS10229) to “Wilson’s Gun Shop" in Berryville in 1985. (That's why the serial number starts with "WGS")

    Wilson Combat has no record of it because it predates their incorporation, but in ~2004 (when I bought it and did the research by phone) one of their gunsmiths admitted that they did build copies during that time in my conversation with him. I have no proof regarding that exchange and have lost my notes so I can't even tell you who I talked to. In recent call to Wilson Combat, I failed to learn whom it was that I might have spoken to in ~2004; the gunsmith I talked to said that none of their current gunsmiths date back to 1985, and a quick verbal poll of the 'smiths present in the area didn't locate anyone who knew about Bill Wilson's preceding shop building Maxi-Comp 'clone(s)'. Caspian's record is all I have as testimony that this gun was built by Wilson. If anyone wants to confirm that, a call to Caspian should do it. That's how I did it.

    However, this specimen is an exact copy of a Maxi-Comp version built by Ed Brown Guns during the 1980s. It has all the favored options of its’ time. The round count is unknown but bore is sharp and clean. I’ve put less than 50 rounds through it myself; it’s a very sweet shooter with a light recoil.

    (If the buyer doesn’t like the grips, I’d like to keep them and I’ll substitute a set of AlumaGrips in their stead. I really like the grips and think they round out the gun. I have another gun of that era that would look nice with those grips.)

    Caspian brushed nickel frame
    Colt Mark IV series 70 Govt slide
    Bomar adjustable rear sight
    “Ed Brown” compensator (copied)
    extended slide stop
    extended ambidextrous thumb safety
    checkered front strap
    high ride beavertail
    oversized magazine release
    beveled mag well w/oversized mag well added (removable)
    Commander hammer
    Adjustable trigger
    Skip checkered grips with silver Colt emblems




    $1750 shipped ConUS only by US Registered Mail (Insured). USPS Money Order, personal check, or certified check only. No PayPal. (All funds must clear before shipping.)

    I will email the buyer when payment is received along with my FFL holder’s certificate, and I’ll email again when the funds have cleared. (I’m not the FFL holder.) I will email copies of the USPS Registered Mail receipt and the postage receipt on the day I ship. I'm ‘gbnoel39475' on EBay and ‘b47natto’ for references.

    Please PM for my email and payment address.

    Thank you.
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    That’s Super Nice
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    Another sweet classic comp, GLWS!
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    Nice! GLWS!
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    Jul 18, 2018

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