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Hello all- I have some gear accumulating that I need to move along. I am listing these at well below market value (eBay actual sold prices) because I'd rather deal with this community than random eBayers, and it's just a pain over there as a seller. That said, all of this gear was well cared for and in great shape. I have listed group photos, if you need individual pics, I will oblige, but just know this stuff looks exactly like you think it should. I take great care of my gear. Please excuse the range bag. :) The listing explains exactly what comes with the item.

Apple Gear:

5k Retina 27" (beautiful screen)
4 GHz quad core i7, 32 GB Ram, 512 GB SSD
This is one powerful machine and it's in perfect condition.
Give me a couple days to wipe this machine before shipping please.
$960 shipped

MacBook Air 11" (A1465)
2.2 GHz i7, 8GB RAM, 128 GB SSD
Rarely left my desk, factory charger
$355 shipped ** SOLD **

Series 3 iWatch
42mm, Graphite Ceramic Case, LTE, black stock strap, charging unit
$205 shipped

AirPods -Series 2
Charging case
$100 shipped

Take $15 off the iWatch, or AirPods if you want one of those and buy the Air or iMac. Buy all the Apple gear together for $1165 shipped.

These 2 are some of the best units available. I rarely used them. These are the units only.

Uniden BCD436HP Handheld Scanner
Fantastic unit - no antenna included
$350 shipped

Whistler TRX-1
Fantastic Unit, upgraded Diamond RH519 Antenna
Case with green back
$350 shipped

Take both units for $600 shipped.

Electronic device Display device Product Gadget Flat panel display

Benq SW2700 27” Monitor
Awesome Monitor with highly accurate colors
Low use
Power cord, stand and command dial only, no cables or other accessories
$320 shipped add this to the iMac or Air for $300 shipped.

Rega Planet CD Player
Excellent Condition, Remote
$225 Shipped

Adcom GFP-565 Preamp
Awesome preamp minor residue on the top of the unit that I can’t seem to get off. You may have better luck, you can't tell in a cabinet or stack.
$195 Shipped

Take both the Rega and the Adcom for $400 shipped.

Electronic device Display device Technology Flat panel display Output device

Nikon Gear:

Nikon D750
Excellent condition, 1 factory battery, 2x RavPower batteries and screen protector
$765 shipped

Nikon D700 & MBD10 power pack
2 batteries, very minor wear
$485 Shipped

Nikon AF-S 28-300G VR 3.5-5.6
If you only had 1 lens for full frame Nikon cameras, this would be the one to own. Fantastic lens in great condition. Lens caps included
$485 shipped

Nikon AF Macro (Micro) 55 2.8
Both caps included
$100 shipped (sold with a camera only)

Nikon AF 28-85 3.5-4.5
Both caps
$40 shipped (sold with a camera only)

Nikon AF 50 1.8
Rear cap only
$50 shipped (sold with a camera only)

Take everything listed under Photography for $1800 shipped and I'll ship it all in a Lowepro Slingshot backpack and throw in a ColorSpace UDMA 2 750GB CF/SD backup unit for free. This setup is all you need for a very solid full frame setup.

Camera accessory Lens Cameras & optics Room Photograph

Did I mention the prices? I really just want to move this gear along! I don't relish the idea of shipping multiple items so if there is a package deal you want to put together that I haven't offered, please let me know.


Classic S&W or Colt revolvers. No J frames or Detectives please.
1911s- Les Baer, Nighthawk, Guncrafter, Alchemy, etc. Colt M45, Classic Colt Commanders, National Match, Gold Cup Trophy etc. in excellent condition, Springfield TRP 5" in 10mm. Would consider other 1911s from one of the old school smiths as well, depending on the smith.

May be interested in other firearm trades, but please no common polymer frames. Just offer, worst I could say is no thanks. I am not terribly interested in adding cash to a trade deal unless we are within hundreds and it's something I really want.

Payment shipping etc:

These prices are for Money Order, Paypal friends or Zelle. I will take a personal check but will need to hold it until it clears my bank. All larger items will ship UPS Ground well packed and insured. Smaller items may ship USPS Priority. Shipping costs are included for the US 48 only. If you need it to go to AK or HI I'll need to quote you a different price to have it sent there. Will not ship outside the US. I may need a few days to pack and ship depending on my work schedule.

PM or email is best. These items will be listed in other places, first to claim an item gets it. Payment due once you claim it. Please don't say you'll take it and take forever to pay. That just annoys everyone. :)

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Doubtful you'll ever find a better Full Framer for less than $500.00 than the D700, with the battery pack & 2 batteries included, it's a sure-fire no-brainer;

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Thank Ronin.. I rally can’t believe the D700 or D750 haven’t sold yet! You can’t touch the performance of these cameras at these prices.

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Price drop:
All prices shipped:
AirPods now $95
iWatch $195
Scanners $320 each shipped
Rega CD Player $175 shipped
Adcom $185 shipped

All other prices remain the same. Really good deals here folks.

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Thanks again Ronin.

Also like to add that this iMac is the Retina 5k Late 2014 model. Priced on eBay around $1100 going rate.

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AirPods sold

Let’s do another price drop on some items:

iWatch $180 shipped
Scanners $295 each shipped
Rega CD Player $160 shipped
Adcom $150 shipped

D750 $725 shipped
Nikon D700 & MBD10 power pack $465 shipped
Benq SW2700 27” Monitor $300 shipped

Likely won’t go lower on these items. I’ll list the cameras/lenses on a camera forum and the rest will sadly go to eBay. I wish I had the opportunity to get into this gear at the prices I’m offering here....
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