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Wood Hardwood Wood stain Metal Shotgun
Product Brown Gun Trigger Shotgun
Metal Iron Tan Steel Tool
Brown Tan Metal Shotgun Air gun
Tan Metal Shotgun Iron Silver
Brown Tan Shotgun Leather Baggage
Musical instrument accessory Teal Material property
Brown Wood Tan Hardwood Metal
Tan Beige Teal Khaki Wood stain
Wood Hardwood Wood stain Teal Turquoise
I don’t know much about this gun. My son and I fired 10 rounds through it shoots fine. The bolt S/N and the receiver match. I don’t know what it’s worth. I took some pictures of proof and import marks. I’m going to list it at $650 shipped. Please advise on value, if there are any Enfield collectors. Price Drop $600 shipped

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I inherited one just like it bit the stock has been sporterised. Shoots great. I've killed some deer with it. GLWS

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I inherited a sporterized Enfield as well. Was my Dad's old deer rifle.

Sporterized Enfields run around $350 last time I checked. Those with original military stocks I imagine would command more.
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