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Brand new Exodus Inside Scabbard holster. (IWB)
Full coverage black shark
25 degree cant
Split loop for 1.5” belt
Right hand
Government length
Built for a square trigger guard on a Colt, but regular 1911 fits as well

I received this last night after waiting 8 months. Opened the box, all giddy, and thought it looked backwards. lol. I am NOT right handed and somehow forgot to tell Carl that, so my screw up is your gain. No wait for a top notch holster. I have 3 more of his EIS’s for different 1911 varieties, and they’re about all I use for IWB on the 1911.

$235 shipped. I will take a personal check if I know you, paypal (I’ll cover the fees), cash, or possibly apple pay.

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